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Batman The Angelfish

filed under: The Fishlist

I hardly buy fish anymore. Most of the fish residing in my tanks were unwanted fish by a previous owner. One of the rescues is a beautiful marbled angelfish I call Batman because of how the black parts cover his face like a mask.

Batman's left-side profile

Before landing under my care, Batman used to live in a 75 gallon aquarium amongst other fish including several of his kind. It is said that they all lived peacefully in the tank for several months until Batman took a liking to a female angelfish and the dynamic duo started to bully the other residents of the tank.

Of course, the owner of the tank found their behavior unacceptable and banished the trouble making pair forever. Luckily for Batman, a space just freed up in my tank (Another large male angelfish just kicked the bucket) and I gladly took him in.

Batman came to me healthy, with no signs of disease. It is evident that his has been taken good care of.

I introduced Batman to his new home and to a recently widowed female angelfish I have been keeping for some time now. Both of them clicked instantly and they got along swimmingly ever since.

The new pair even started spawning within a few weeks of being introduced, which is a pretty good indicator of the fish's good health.

Batman's right-side profile

Batman's favorite food is sun-dried krill, but I also feed him commercial and homemade fish food to supplement his diet. If someone is less than three feet from the glass, he will usually beg for food, other than that he is quite cool and composed, usually just gliding through the water, minding his own business, looking majestic and knowing it. 

Batman and his partner